Welcome to the Vineyard Early Learning Center, our high quality

preschool and childcare program for children ages 19 months to 12 years!







For School Aged and Preschool Aged Children (3 - 12 years)

  • Full day, full week services

  • Same day drop in care on a space available basis for children who have completed the enrollment process.

For Toddler Aged Children (19 months to 35+ months)

  • Full day, full week services from 7 am to 6 pm or any portion thereof.  Sorry, no part week or part day services for Toddler aged children.  A limited number of drop in same day services may be available on a limited prearranged basis.

Our operating hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday Friday.   Our facility is spacious and well equipped, with a large outdoor play area.  Preschool2

 Vineyard Early Learning Center is committed to helping parents provide their children with a

   safe,  nurturing and interesting environment where the child can grow in all areas of their life:  

   socially,  emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.   Our curriculum is rich in  

   science and math activities, and additional time is spent with children one on one and in small

   groups to help them build a strong foundation in early literacy and intellectual skill building.

We do this by providing responsive and individualized care and by building a trusting and safe relationship with each child and a partnership with each family.   We use an excellent, research-based curriculum.   Children engage in eleven different interest areas. Although we do not teach religion in our classrooms, our faith element includes prayer before meals, singing, and Bible stories. (Children from all faiths and backgrounds are welcome and respected at our center). Each child receives loving care and attention at Vineyard Early Learning Center. We strive to love each child as if he or she were our own.

Full Day Care  (7:00am to 6:00pm, over 5 hours per day)   We accept all forms of childcare assistance.

2016 Full Day Tuition is $775 per month per child for the School Age and Preschool class, and $895 per month for the Toddler class.  Toddlers who are over 35 months old may remain in the Toddler class until there is space available in the Preschool class, but the Toddler rate must be paid due to the child/staff ratio requirements of the Toddler room.  Children not yet using the toilet aged 3 and over pay the Toddler $895 per month rate until fully using the toilet on their own.

Families with more than one full time child enrolled receive a $50 monthly family discount (one monthly discount per family, not per child) for full months only.  Sorry, no discounts for part month/prorated services.







Drop-In Care (minimum 2 hours)

Drop in care is provided as space available for enrolled children only.     All registration and enrollment criteria must be met before this service can be provided.

  Drop in care is $8/hour, 2 hour minimum for the School Age/Preschool Class, $10 per hour for the Toddler class.  Drop in care must be pre-paid on the same day of services.


Our agency is a 501(c)3 public charity.   We appreciate our volunteers and financial contributors!   Together we can make a positive impact in the lives of our children and families in Anchorage. 

  We're located in Anchorage City Church at 1301 W. 100th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99515.     For

  more information call (907) 248-0808   or email  


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